Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Seyedmohammad Kalantar, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Online Counselling

Through Virtual Telehealth and Online Counselling let’s discuss your personal concerns. 

My Story about Online Counselling: 

I’d like to share my journey of providing Virtual, Online and Telehealth Counselling to support my clients. I  embraced Virtual Counselling even before the beginning of Covid-19. Over the past decade, I’ve encountered various situations where clients have geographically relocated or found themselves on extended trips yet were eager to continue their therapy sessions. Personally, my own relocations to different cities and countries led me to adapt, ensuring uninterrupted care for my clients. Moreover, I’ve had clients whose professions demanded constant travel, making traditional in-person sessions impractical. Some found greater comfort in virtual sessions, even when they were near my office, now in Vancouver. These tangible experiences have reinforced my commitment to maintaining a professional and supportive therapy relationship with my counselling clients, whether through  online counselling sessions or over the phone. While the pandemic has highlighted the value of online and virtual counselling, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there are myriad reasons why individuals seek emotional support from a therapist and clinical counsellor beyond the scope of Covid-19.


Good to Know About Online Counselling: 

If you’re located anywhere in the Province of British Columbia, or even in other parts of Canada, and find it challenging to attend in-person counselling sessions here in Vancouver, there’s no need to worry. You can receive mental health support through Online Counselling, Virtual Counselling, Telehealth Counselling, eliminating the need for physical attendance at my Vancouver office. All you require is your own device, a reliable internet connection, and a comfortable space to sit and talk. This space could be your private room, your office, your home, or any other location that offers privacy and convenience for you.

Despite Kalantar Counselling’s physical location in downtown Vancouver, the power of the Internet has brought us together, allowing us to connect and receive the support and assistance we need.


Are Online/Virtual/Telehealth Counselling Sessions Covered by Insurance Companies?

Kalantar Counselling is pleased to remind you that many insurance companies provide reimbursement for your online and virtual counselling sessions, which include Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Family counselling, and Group Counselling. Simply reach out to them for confirmation and peace of mind.

What is the meaning of Online Counselling?

Teletherapy, also known as Online therapy, E-therapy, E-counselling, or Cyber-Counselling, provides mental health services and support to a wide range of populations. Online, Telehealth, and Virtual Counselling eliminates the need for travel, making it more convenient to schedule between other commitments. It also offers the convenience of accessing support with just a click of a button. This mode of counselling extends mental health services to both urban and rural or remote areas. People in rural areas who may lack suitable transportation, as well as those in busy urban centers with heavy traffic, find this especially beneficial. Online counselling, like traditional in-person counseling, is a mental health service conducted through online platforms such as mobile apps and video conferencing. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, among others, facilitate virtual conversations

Individual counselling with Kalantar Counselling at Park Place

What types of Counselling Services are available through online / virtual counselling?

I’m pleased to inform you that I offer a range of Online / Virtual / Telehealth Counselling services, including Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Family Counselling, and even Group Counselling and Group Therapy. This versatility makes Virtual and Online / Telehealth Counselling an excellent option for those seeking various types of mental health support.

At Kalantar Counselling, we’re dedicated to helping with a wide array of mental health concerns, including but not limited to anger Management Counselling, Anxiety Counselling, stress Counselling, Depression Counselling, Relationship Issues Counselling, ADHD Counselling, and more. To take the next significant step towards receiving counselling and mental health support, you can click here to view available time slots.

When opting for Online / Virtual Counselling sessions, please ensure you have a stable internet connection, a suitable device, and a private space to facilitate open and honest communication, allowing you to listen to your inner voice, feelings, and emotions effectively.

If you believe that, for any reason(s), Online / Virtual Counselling and Therapy sessions would be more convenient for you, please don’t hesitate to click here and schedule your virtual sessions with me. Let’s give it a try and see if it proves as effective for you as it has for many of my clients, even before the onset of Covid-19.


Personal Growth and Healing as results of individual counselling