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Seyedmohammad Kalantar, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Recovering from a motor vehicle accident involves much more than physical healing; the emotional and psychological impacts can be just as significant. In British Columbia, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) recognizes the integral role of mental health in overall recovery. ICBC provides coverage for a variety of counselling services to help individuals navigate the aftermath of an accident. At Kalantar Counselling, I am dedicated to supporting your journey to recovery with personalized counselling options available in-person in Vancouver, and virtually / online across BC, including Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and beyond.

 Understanding ICBC Coverage for Mental Health 

ICBC’s coverage extends to mental health services because emotional recovery is crucial for a holistic approach to healing after an accident. This coverage helps alleviate the financial burden, allowing individuals to focus on getting the necessary psychotherapy support and counselling services. This is particularly important as mental health often takes a backseat to physical injuries, despite its crucial impact on overall well-being.

 Direct Billing: A Hassle-Free Approach to Your Recovery 

One of the key benefits of choosing Kalantar Counselling is the direct billing option I offer to ICBC. This means that you can receive necessary mental health support and counselling services without worrying about upfront payments or the cumbersome reimbursement process. This system ensures that your path to recovery is as smooth and stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus solely on your well-being.

Inclusive Counselling for All Affected by Road Accidents 

ICBC’s coverage is comprehensive, offering benefits to drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. If you were involved in an accident, regardless of your role, you are entitled to receive care and recovery benefits similar to those of drivers. This includes income replacement benefits if you are temporarily unable to work due to your injuries, and additional supports for serious or life-altering injuries. The approach is inclusive, ensuring that every individual affected by road accidents has access to the support they need.

Comprehensive Support for a Range of Mental Health Challenges 

At Kalantar Counselling, I specialize in treating various psychology and emotional challenges that may arise after an accident, including but not limited to:

Anxiety, Panic, or Fear: These feelings may arise specifically related to driving or riding in vehicles, or they could be more generalized due to the trauma experienced.

Coping with Life Transitions:  Adjusting to life after an accident can mean time away from work or school and a change in daily routines, which can be challenging to navigate.

Chronic Pain Management: Ongoing pain is a common aftermath of accidents, and counselling can help develop strategies to manage it effectively.

PTSD Symptoms: Symptoms might include severe anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares that can interfere with daily functioning.

Depression and Emotional Difficulties: Feelings of sadness, loss, and frustration are common and can be addressed through targeted therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussion Symptoms: Cognitive and emotional effects of these injuries require specialized therapeutic approaches.

Concentration and Motivation Issues: These often result from both psychological and physical impacts of the accident.

Legal and Financial Stress: The complexities of navigating legal processes can be overwhelming and may necessitate supportive counselling and mental health services.

Grief Counselling: Addressing the loss of loved ones, or coping with significant lifestyle changes due to injuries, is an essential part of recovery.

Flexible Counselling Options to Suit Every Need

Recognizing that everyone’s needs and preferences differ, I offer various counselling modalities:

In-person Counselling: Provides a face-to-face connection that many find comforting and more personal, available in Vancouver.

Virtual Counselling: Offers flexibility and convenience, particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues post-accident, available across BC including Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and more.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a vehicle accident and seeking supportive, professional counselling services in Vancouver, BC, or virtually across the region, do not hesitate to contact me at Kalantar Counselling. I am equipped and ready to assist you with your ICBC claim and to answer any questions about the process.

The road to recovery can be complex and challenging, but with the right support system, it is navigable. With Kalantar Counselling and ICBC’s supportive framework, you are not alone. Reach out today; prioritizing your mental health is crucial to your recovery, and I am here to support every step of the way.

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For more detailed information or to schedule an appointment, please contact me. You can schedule counselling and psychotherapy sessions to take place In person at Park Place in downtown VancouverOnline, via Telehealth or Virtually. Committed to providing accessible, compassionate, and effective counselling services, I am here to help you overcome the challenges posed by your accident-related experiences and guide you back to a path of wellness and stability.