Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Seyedmohammad Kalantar, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)


Most frequent questions and answers

I work with an extensive range of clients with different ages child, youth, college-age students and adult, men, women, and non-binary; people who are single, coupled, or in polyamorous relationships; members of the LGBTQ+ communities.

Therapy is a good investment in yourself and your future. People in different ways may feel they need counselling and mental health services. For example, whenever you feel significant distress described by worry, anger, sadness, etc. Making a significant decision in your life or facing difficulties in your personal life or romantic, or professional or interpersonal relationships are other instances of needed professional service. Sometimes, friends and family can be an enough source of support and help. However, there are sometimes such a source is not enough as you feel you need a professional help. If this is the case, then it is the time for you to reach me out.

Sessions are 55 minutes in length. Initially, counselling sessions occur on a weekly basis. Once therapy has progressed, sessions may move to a bi-weekly basis. Then, you may need for “booster sessions”. You have the option of attending counseling sessions either in person at my office in Vancouver or virtually online. The decision is entirely up to you.


Counselling is based on individual need. Some therapy is short term (1-6 sessions), and other therapy lasts longer. We will have collaboration based on your issue.

I need a minimum of 24 hours notice in order for you to avoid paying for a scheduled session.

Yes, I offer short as well as long counselling services

I have had clients that they been my clients for years, but it does not mean that they are seeing me every week or even every month. Generally, clients initiate to see a clinician for the first time on a weekly basis or every other week depends on the issue(s). However, if you feel you are professionally connected to your therapist and counsellor, it can be a good idea to see them based on your new situations, challenges and transitions in your life. Seeing the same clinician will help you to save your time and money as the clinician knew you in advance. This is the point that people starters with short services then they may choose the same clinician for the long term. So, if you felt that you are professionally connected to me, do not hesitate to choose me for your long counselling services to see me for different and difficult situations of your life.

It is most helpful to be an active participant in the process. This involves sharing your thoughts, feelings, expectations, goals and experiences, asking questions, being thoughtful, and committing to sessions.

There are two different ways to receive my services. In person and virtually. When you are scheduling by yourself, you can choose virtual service. If this is the case, you have easily access to the meeting link from your profile.

I feel very strongly about confidentiality. Whatever you share with me stays between you and me. Not only I have no desire to share but also, legally and ethically, I am prohibited from sharing with a few exceptions. In other words, ethically and legally I am required to break confidentiality in the following conditions:


  1. You are going to act on plans to seriously hurt others or hurt yourself
  2. Situations involving child abuse and dependent adult abuse
  3. If you report past or ongoing sexual abuse by any health professional people (e.g., another clinical counsellor, psychologist, physician, nurse, dentist, chiropractor)
  4. a subpoena by the court

Usually, most extended benefits plans cover clinical counselling services. However, it can be a good idea to talk to your provider for more details such as the amount of sessions and percentage they cover. If your plan does not cover Registered Clinical Counsellors (R.C.C.), but only covers Registered Psychologists, you can make a request to your employer that they adjust your plan. This easy adjustment will be of no cost to your employer but will increase your benefit.

Further, if you’re a survivor of crime, you may qualify for CVAP counselling.

Follow link for details for further support:

Moreover, if you’ve had an ICBC claim in the last 12 weeks, you may qualify for therapy coverage for up to 12 sessions. For details, please follow the link below:

Please be that informed you have the option of attending counseling sessions either in person at my office in Vancouver or virtually online. The decision is entirely up to you.

Clinical counselling services are not covered under your Medical Service Plan of B.C. (MSP).

Usually after each session you will receive an invoice to make your payment. After you made the payment, you will receive the final receipt to submit to your insurance company. Kindly be informed that all your relevant invoices and bills are accessible at your profile as well.

Regarding the payment, you may make the payment with different methods including cash, debit cards, Interac E-Transfer, and cheque. You can also submit your credit Card info to withdraw the amount automatically after each session.  

For over a decade, Kalantar Counselling has served as a trusted mental health provider and counsellor, catering to diverse individual needs. His professional journey is rooted in empathy, authenticity, non-judgmental, and active listening. In a confidential, nurturing setting, we’ll embark on a profound exploration, delving into your emotions and inner thoughts. Together, we’ll cultivate a therapy bond where you can openly address concerns, uncover hidden aspects of your life, make impactful decisions, and embrace a more enriching life path.

Recognizing the significance of customized therapy, Kalantar Counselling employs an integrative approach, blending various evidence-based techniques while remaining attuned to 2SLGBTQ+, cultural diversity, and human dignity. 

Kalantar draws from various approaches and theories, including Acceptance and Commitment, Compassion and Mindfulness-based therapies, Attachment-based therapies, client-centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavior Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Existential-Humanistic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Gottman Method, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic, Solution-focused therapy, and Systemic Therapy. By utilizing these therapeutic factors and evidence-based modalities, I am able to provide individualized and effective treatment for each of my clients.