Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Seyedmohammad Kalantar, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Group Counselling

Let’s collaborate and join your peers in group counseling; together, we as a clinical counselling clinic can support both your peers and yourself.

Let’s Experience emotional support by participating in group therapy, allowing for shared experiences and feeling heard.

In a group therapy and Counselling gain valuable insights and develop coping strategies collectively, providing a sense of relief.

With a decade of experience in conducting group therapy and counselling sessions, let us be your trusted facilitator.

What is Group Counselling?

Group counselling including in person and online / Virtual, is a form of therapy that involves several people, typically between 4-10 individuals, meeting weekly in a group setting under the supervision of an experienced group therapist. It is an effective way to explore group dynamics and understand different perspectives. This kind of therapy allows group members to develop relationships within the group that are not only beneficial for themselves but can also be utilized in understanding how to build lasting and effective relationships throughout life.

In group counselling, individuals have the opportunity for self-reflection in a safe and open space, allowing them to gain insight into their own lives and goals. Participants can build an effective relationship with their peers, while also providing support and guidance within a therapeutic setting. Group counselling offers individuals the opportunity to learn from each other and recognize that they are not facing difficulties alone. Group members benefit from the experience of group members with various backgrounds and life experiences who can help them develop understanding in a safe, confidential, and supportive group environment. Through group activities, group therapy sessions provide group members with problem-solving skills, education on common issues, and improved self-esteem as they learn how to work through personal struggles together.

How Does Group Therapy & Counselling Work?

Group counselling, including in person and online / Virtual,  is a therapeutic environment where individuals can come together to discuss their concerns and build relationships. It can be incredibly beneficial because it provides an inspiring atmosphere where group members can receive support from one another while sharing similar experiences. Group counselling is led by a group leader who takes the group through a series of activities and discussion topics to gain insight into various relationships, emotions, and behaviours. Through group sessions, participants have the opportunity to reflect on key points that matter most to them and learn new ways of problem-solving.

Group counselling offers hope in helping individuals heal, grow, and progress towards a positive lifestyle change. With group counselling, participants benefit from hearing experiences shared by one another, guided by a group leader, and through group discussions, activities and strategies, gaining new insights into their struggles. Within a safe and supportive space, group members can learn how to cope with difficult relationships or situations. All group members can benefit by having their feelings heard and finding common ground in experiences shared among groupmates. Participants can feel supported knowing that they are not alone in their circumstances.

How You Benefit from Group Therapy and Group Counselling?

Group counselling including in person and online, is a powerful way to connect with others, receive support, and gain insight into similar experiences. It is an opportunity for group members to provide feedback on each other’s journey and offer suggestions on how to integrate positivity into their lives. Group therapy can promote self-care, self-reflection, and provide a safe space for individuals to open up. Through group counselling, participants can become more aware of how their behaviour affects others, leading to tangible changes towards personal growth and healing. Ultimately, group therapy can assist members in developing healthier relationships with themselves, and give them the tools to continue the healing process beyond group sessions.

Group counselling can significantly improve an individual’s personal well-being and outlook. It is a supportive and safe environment that encourages positivity, growth, and building confidence and self-esteem. Group members can benefit from hearing advice and support from others, discovering resources, expressing difficult emotions, and learning tools for improving wellness. Different types of group therapy exist, which vary based on different criteria such as the topic, goals, issues, the duration, open or closed format, and the type of therapy utilized. Examples of group therapy include psychodynamic group therapy, supportive group therapy, educational group therapy, skill-based group therapy, and narrative group therapy.

In summary, group counselling is a powerful therapeutic tool that provides individuals with a safe and supportive environment to discuss and work through their struggles. Group therapy can offer individuals the opportunity to receive support, share experiences, discover resources, and develop skills to improve their overall well-being.

Highlighting the advantages of group support. Exploring the positive outcomes and benefits of participating in group counselling sessions in a mental health setting.

For Years Kalantar Counselling Has Facilitated Group Therapy For People Who:

  • Want to work on themselves in a group
  • Believe relationship matters
  • Acknowledge a team is the great place to enrich “Self”
  • Are looking to experience increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement in a group
  • Feel loneliness and meaningless
  • Want to get rid of social phobia and social anxiety
  • Are Looking for positive and effective relationship
  • Need to improve communication skills
  • Want to connect to human beings
  • Looking for a safe place to voice their inner voice
  • Want to get healthy feedback with no judgment
  • Want to be more optimistic rather than pessimistic
  • Want to be make new goals in their life
  • Want to talk in a safe place with dependable people
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Self-awareness

Healing Relationships Group Therapy:

1. Sundays, at 6:00 PM, Pacific Time (PT), Virtually, Click here to register.

2. Mondays, at 7:00 PM, Pacific Time (PT), Virtually, Click here to register.

3. Wednesdays, at 11:00 AM, Pacific Time (PT), Virtually, Click here to register

If you have any questions about "Healing Relationships" Group Therapy, please contact Kalantar Counselling via Email ([email protected]) or number at 604-909-3437.