Discover transformative advantages with my professional counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and mental health services to boost your feeling. The services can be in Persian or English.

Seyedmohammad Kalantar, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Let's help you to hear your inner voice

Individual Therapy

One by one and face to face let’s talk about your personal concern(s).

Couples, Relationship & Marriage Therapy

you and your partner want to work on your relationship? Do not be shy! Let’s talk all of us together.


Do you want to have more peace at your home with loved ones? So, let me to join your family accompany to work on the family’s issue(s)

Group therapy

Do you want to have more peace at your home with loved ones? So, let me to join your family accompany to work on the family’s issue(s)


Seyedmohammad Kalantar is an experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor and Mental Health Provider with a wealth of clinical practice expertise.

About me

As an experienced clinical counsellor and therapist with over twelve years of dedicated practice, I am confident that our sessions, whether in person in Vancouver or conducted virtually online, will offer a profound and emotionally enriching journey within a secure and confidential setting. Employing a non-judgmental approach and honed active listening skills, I am devoted to guiding you through this transformative experience, enabling you to delve into your inner world and establish connections with your emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns.

In private clinical counselling services, I have worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families, providing talk therapy to those in need. My passion lies in understanding and addressing my clients’ concerns, feelings, and emotions, valuing them deeply. I strive to cultivate a therapeutic relationship where you feel completely at ease, allowing for open discussions about your life’s complexities and aiding in the identification of overlooked aspects. Together, we will make decisions that set the course for a brighter future.

Through our collaborative efforts, you will gain invaluable insights and practical tools to bolster your mental health, ultimately leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. If visiting Kalantar Counselling office in Vancouver presents challenges for you, please know that we can embark on this therapeutic journey and emotional support through online and virtual counselling sessions, ensuring your path to well-being remains accessible and convenient.

You have access to a range of counselling services, including anxiety counselling, marriage counselling, trauma counselling, anger management counselling, family counselling, depression counselling, and more, both in-person in Vancouver and various areas of BC like Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver, as well as through online counselling.

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Why Professional Clinical Counselling

Through professional counselling sessions, whether in person in Vancouver or online, I can assist you in navigating the challenges and transitions in your life. I offer support to individuals, couples and families with different mental health issues. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your feelings and emotions. I believe that self-love is the foundation for a happy life. With qualified counselling services, you can learn how to improve yourself, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and find ways to be happier in your relationships. I also offer anger management counselling services and positive psychology interventions to help you regulate your emotions and live a more positive life. If you are facing critical decisions in your life, I can assist you in making the best choice for yourself. Issues related to parenting styles, coparenting and past stories next to romantic relationship and spousal life are some of the areas you count on the qualified counselling sessions. I am here to provide realistic advice based on years of professional clinical counselling experience so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

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